Hulstrom K-8

Hulstrom is working to keep up with the needs of our students and skills they will need to sucess throughout their lives. This quest has led us to a new mission statement:

Hulstrom works together with parents and the community to empower and nurture  gifted and advanced learners to build 21st century skills through leadership and innovation. With creativity, critical thinking, communication, inquiry, problem-solving, and collaboration, we foster global citizens who will make a positive impact on a rapidly changing world.

Hulstrom K-8 specialist in advanced academic education - is rooted in the belief of excellent instruction, rigorous academics and accelerated learning for all. With a focus on 21st-century skills and methodology, the school is consistently named one of the state’s top performing schools.

In Hulstrom’s two main programs, Advanced Academics and Gifted & Talented, students are challenged to master basic skills while they simultaneously develop critical-thinking and problem-solving. Hulstrom students learn how to utilize technology as an effective classroom tool with 1:1 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Curiosity, imagination and leadership are fostered through a variety of classroom and extended-learning activities, like robotics, Battle of the Books and more.   

With this holistic approach to education, students leave Hulstrom equipped with the knowledge and skills to be successful lifelong learners.