Community Use After School Enrichments - Spring 2016-17

Community - Boys, Girls
Grade(s): Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade

** UPDATED 04/12/17 **

Community Use After School Enrichments at Hulstrom K-8 for Spring 2016-17 - 

Scheduled through the district's Community Use Facilities department, several outside companies organize, offer, and run after school enrichment activities for Hulstrom students.

If you are interested in any of these classes, please contact them directly and/or follow their registration link to sign up!

Community Use After School Enrichments at Hulstrom K-8 for Spring 2016-17

last updated 4/4/17 at 1:20 p.m.

Chess Wizards
Ages: K-6th grades
Day/Time: Mondays from 3:05-4:05 p.m. in Sturgeon (43B)
Dates: 02/27 – 05/08/17 (no class 03/27 and 04/03)
Cost: $126
Contact: Travis Ksander | 720-415-9149
Register online at

A highly interactive instructional chess program open to both beginning and advanced chess players.  Students will engage with the chess class through free play, exciting lessons (taught by our own Chess Wizards), trivia, and variation group games.  Students will accrue points throughout and will be awarded a Chess Wizards trophy at the end of the session.

Little Medical School – Part 1
Ages: K-5th grades
Day/Time: Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in Oakman (Room 007)
Dates: 04/06 – 05/11/17
Cost: $89
Contact: Jessica Ulibarri | 720-263-1056
Register online at

Did you miss Little Medical School – Part 1 at Hulstrom last spring?  Come join us as children learn and have fun as they dress up like doctors, learn how to use instruments that doctors use, and understand how the body works!  Topics include What’s In A Doctor’s Bag?, All About The Heart!, All About The Lungs!, Digesting Digestion!, Is There A Surgeon In The House?, and Medical Fun and graduation!

**CANCELLED** Mad Science – Mix It Up!
Ages: K-5th grades
Day/Time: Wednesdays from 1:50-2:50 p.m. in Munoz (Room 006)
Dates: 04/12 – 05/10/17
Cost: $79
Contact: Mad Science | 303-403-0432
Register online at

Join Mad Science as we explore Physics, Chemistry, Meteorology, Zoology, and more!  We’ll build super structures, work in the lab, and investigate the fascinating way animals disguise themselves.  Conduct hands-on experiments to discover how and why weather occurs!  Try your hand at engineering and architecture as we build bridges, towers, and other structures!  We’ll teach you how to properly use laboratory equipment to measure and mix chemicals, and you’ll learn to spot the difference between a chemical and physical change.  This engaging enrichment program from Mad Science will give you an inside look at a variety of scientific disciplines so get ready to Mix It Up!

SpaceTime Rockin’ Rockets
Ages: K-3rd grades
Day/Time: Tuesdays from 3:05-4:05 p.m. in Donahue (Room 009)
Dates: 03/07 – 05/09/17 (no class on 03/28)
Cost: $145
Contact: Ed Ludka | 720-851-7700
Register online at

With SpaceTime’s Rockin’ Rockets after school enrichment program, kids will get to do just about everything there is to do with rockets … short of riding one into space!  They will go on a wild ride into the fascinating science of rocketry and space exploration and go hands-on to build and launch safe, non-combustible rockets.  Activities include learning about the science and history of rocketry, crafting their own SpaceTime Blaster Rockets, and launching lots of different kinds of rockets.

Sticky Fingers Cooking
Ages: K-8th grades
Day/Time: Wednesdays from 1:45-2:45 p.m. in Kettler (113)
Dates: 03/08 – 05/10/17 (no class 03/29)
Cost: $21 per class
Contact: Kimberly Douglas | 303-648-4078
Register online at

Let your child release their inner chef!
Students will prepare and eat healthy, globally inspired recipes all while learning to cook in a fun, engaging, and real-world way!  Our chefs will reinforce kitchen skills associated with our weekly recipes and emphasize each area of cooking—terminology, ingredients and fun nutrition facts (even a few bad jokes!)  We will practice measurements, use a wide array of cooking utensils all while preparing the freshest ingredients.  Full recipes will be created each class with our AWESOME master chef Sticky Fingers Cooking Instructors.
Your kids can have a blast every week discovering how easy and fun it is to cook (and gobble up!) tasty, healthy, American classics and globally-inspired Sticky fingers Cooking recipes!  Sticky Fingers Cooking offers young chefs the chance to explore exciting tastes (all seasonal and as local as possible), master culinary skills (that they can put to use in family kitchens), and nourish their bodies and minds.
We provide all of the tools, ingredients, and instruction needed to cook up a fun, delicious, and healthy after-school snack each week.  Our on-line recipe collection is included as well for each chef for future family cooking fun at

Strategic Kids LEGO Learning
Ages: 1st-5th grades
Day/Time: Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in Martin (018)
Dates: 03/23 – 05/11/17 (no class 03/30)
Cost: $84
Contact: Blake Hepburn | 720-402-7758
Register online at

In LEGO Storytelling: Superhero Edition!, students dive into the fascinating and exhilarating world of superheroes.  Explore superheroes, villains, and the worlds in which they live.  Kids will use fun facts and logic to help solve the dilemmas superheroes find themselves in on a regular basis.  Along the way students will create wonderful stories of adventure and drama.

Young Rembrandts
Ages: 5-12
Day/Time: Wednesdays from 1:45-2:45 p.m. in Dickerson (43A)
Dates: 04/05 – 05/10/17
Cost: $79
Contact: Michelle Brewer | 303-997-4601
Register online at

Inspire your child’s love of art with Young Rembrandts.  In our spring cartooning class, kids will draw a variety of fun characters.  These drawings will delight our students as they learn how to tell jokes through drawing.  We will learn how to use simple shapes and lines to create different facial expressions and convey the feelings of our characters.  Enroll today!

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