Bring Your Own Device

Hulstrom is a BYOD School!

We are excited about continuing BYOD and 21st Century Learning at Hulstrom! It highly recommended that all students come to school with a personal device for learning!  Students K-2 are encouraged to bring an iPad and students 3-8 should bring a Chromebook. Students will use devices daily as tools to support their learning.

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Device Purchasing Information

  • Kindergarten - 2nd grade  -  iPad (2nd generation or newer)
  • 3rd - 8th grade - Samsung Chromebook (please see the chromebook purchasing information below)

Headphones and cases are recommended for all devices. It is our goal that every student participates in the 1:1 BYOD program with their recommended device.  We are best able to support these devices with both IT and educational needs. If this is a financial concern, please contact Hulstrom administration.  We have a limited amount of school devices that can be utilized during the school day for students.


Our only recommendation for iPads is that it is not the iPad 1, as it does not contain a camera. It is our hope the families are able to utilize old or hand me down iPads. When possible we recommend an iPad over an iPad mini. 16GB of memory is sufficient however the amount of memory is completely up to you.


Hulstrom's Chromebook recommendation is a Samsung with a minimum of 2GB Memory - 16GBFlash.

After our first year of BYOD and supporting multiple Chromebook brands, we have found that the Samsung Chromebook is superior due to its durable construction against wear and tear. We have found that Samsung has proven to be more compatible with Chrome and wifi systems.  The district recommended Chromebook that was purchased for testing is the Samsung Chromebook.  District resources for limited repair and support are available for only the Samsung Chromebook. We have also found students who have or had laptops ended preferring a Chromebook for its ease of use, size, weight, speed and battery life.

Adams 12 has arranged an Employee and Student Chromebook Purchasing Program. These transactions will be directly routed through GovConnection, our current Chromebook reseller, with no associated financial or service burden or benefit to the District. The Samsung Chromebook 3 available through  GovConnection  - $195.50 

Chromebooks are also easy to find online purchase through Best Buy or Walmart.