Mrs. Brakel's Class

Mrs. Brakel's Class


Subject: Social Studies - Grade(s): 8th Grade

The History of U.S.

In this class we will be learning about the history of the United States!  We begin our journey in the 1700's with colonization.  Following colonization, we will be learning about the American Revolution and the government of the newly formed United States.  Next, we will be studying the westward growth of the nation as well as the events leading up to the Civil War.  We will finish up the year by studing the Civil War and the period of Reconstruction immediately following the war.  

Our theme for the year will be, "The History of U.S."  In each unit, students will be asked to choose a person to focus on for that unit.  After learning some background information about their person, students will be asked to look at various events throughout the unit through the eyes of their character.  In this way, students will begin to understand how perspective can influence history.

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