January News

We are busy in third grade as we begin our second semester!

Literacy: Our new unit is Structures & Features of Informational Text. Third graders are studying historical and scientific texts, using text features to locate information efficiently, and how illustrations such as maps and photographs support understanding. Students are conducting a country research project in order to write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly.  We are also reading biographies and historical fiction texts.  We have been focusing on using text evidence to support answers. 

Social Studies: Third graders are studying of the similarities and differences of world regions. Students are examining the geography, economics, government, culture of a country based on their family heritage. We are also studying how immigrants in the United States have contributed to our country's past and present. 

Math 3- Students are working on Unit 5- Fractions and Multiplication Strategies

Math 4- Students are working on Unit 5- Fraction and Mixed-Number Computation. We are also working on Measurement, Angle Measurements, and Multi-Step word problems.