4th Grade


  • Schedule: Recess/Lunch: 11:30-12:10 (Wednesday: 11:40-12:20)
  • Specials: 12:45-1:45 (Wednesday: 10:05-11:05) 
  • Technology will be offered every third day (Music day) from 1:50-2:50 unless it falls on a Wednesday, then it will be from 9:00-10:00. 


  • Please access the Google Classroom link from the Hulstrom links tab to find homework resources and rubrics.
  • Homework is given Monday-Thursday nights.
  • Homework assignments are to be recorded by your child in their planner.
  • Students will receive nightly homework in math, reading, and spelling.
  • Some nights they may have additional review and practice in other subject areas.
  • Throughout the year, we will have ongoing projects that will require additional time at home.
  • Students should spend approximately 40-50 minutes on homework each night (25 minutes reading and 15-20 on other homework).
  • The purpose of homework is:
  1. To give the student additional practice on a skill.
  2. To teach students responsibility for completing and returning homework.
  3.  To help the students realize that learning does not just take place in the classroom.


  • Children are welcome to bring self-serving items in individual wrappers to handout at the end of the day.
  • Please call or send a note with your student prior to the birthday if you plan on sending in birthday treats.
  • Also, please keep in mind that food allergies are present in our classroom; therefore, DO NOT send items with nuts.
  • The district policy encourages bringing alternative birthday treats; such as pencils, bookmarks, fancy stickers, bouncy balls, or healthy (non-sugary) treats.
  • Birthday treats will be sent home, so that the decision to eat/not eat can be made with a parent.

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