6th Grade

Grade(s): 6th Grade

6th Grade, Superheroes in Traning

6th Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Brakel's 6th Grade SS


In this class, we will be exploring the Western Hemisphere!  We will begin the year by focusing on geography skills such as latitude and longitude, map reading skills, and physical features.  Our next unit will focus on the indiginous populations of...

Ms. Congedo's Honors Math 6 Class

Big Ideas Math

Students will be using the Big Ideas Advanced 1 Math book which is correlated to the Common Core Standards.  This book will cover 6th gade and part of 7th grade standards.

Ms. Congedo's Science Class

Science Rocks!

Topics taught: Matter and water Earth's Structures Ecology

Ms. Congedo's Math 6 Class

Grade 6 Math

Students will be using the Big Ideas grade 6 Green Math book.  This book covers all of the 6th grade Common Core Standards.

Mrs. Dopler's Lang Arts Class

Language Arts through reading, writing, speaking, and listening!

Overview: The Language Arts program at the middle school level of Hulstrom K-8 is designed to give the students an opportunity to read, write, and speak for a variety of purposes.  The courses follow the district, state, and national Common Core...

Mrs. Dopler's Social Studies Class

A journey through the Western Hemisphere

2016-2017 Description This course is designed to take the students on a journey through time from early civilizations to contemporary issues on the Western Hemisphere.  Through a series of primary and secondary sources, students will be challenged...

Mrs. Newberry's Red Accel Class

Mrs. Newberry's Period 1

Advanced Honors Math 6 is a multi-aged class with students from 5th, 6th, and 7th grade.  We will be using the Big Ideas Red Accelerated book, and convering standards from 7th and 8th grade. Topics Include: Integers & Rational Numbers Equations...

Mrs. Stromberg's 6th ELA

Period 4

We are working on our Multigenre Research Projects from now until the end of the year.  I am attaching resources as they are introduced so you can use them as a reference as you begin to research and put your project together.  All resources are...