Math Information

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  For math, seventh grade students will either have Ms. Lepie, or Mrs. Newberry for math.  Please see our individual webpages for information specific to your child's class. Attached to this page you will find the Middle School Math Syllabus containing the supply list, descriptions of learning activities, and standards.  Also attached are the grading rubrics used for all Middle school math classes, and the year at a glance for each class.

Adams 12 Middle School Mathematics Vision

Adams 12 Middle School Math instruction develops critical thinkers, who are actively engaged in the learning process through communication, collaboration, application and transfer of mathematical concepts and knowledge.

Adams 12 Middle School Mathematics Core Beliefs

  1. Classrooms exhibit frequent student-centered mathematical inquiry in collaborative groups focused on meaningful problems that balance conceptual understanding, procedural skills & fluency, and applications with equal intensity.

  2. Students take risks, communicate mathematical reasoning, and value multiple perspectives & solutions.   

  3. A variety of assessment formats provide students with teacher feedback for goal-setting and reflection on progress toward appropriate grade or course level Colorado Academic Standards.

  4. Teachers collaborate through an ongoing process of collective inquiry, reflection, and analysis of instructional practice and data to achieve improved mathematical learning outcomes for students.