This week

February is almost over and it looks like March will be coming in like a quiet lion with the snow that is forecast for later this week.

Tomorrow is our big field trip to the JA Finance Park.  Thank you so much to all the amazing parents that are volunteering their time to help facilitate this opportunity for our students!

This week our focus is on creating suspense.  We are looking at a Roald Dahl short story, "Lamb to the Slaughter."  We will be examining this story over a couple of days then we will watch an old episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" that is a version of this same story.  I'm anxious to see what our students think of this creepy story rendered in black and white.

We are also looking at some vocabulary to go along with this unit of study.  Students will be exploring a list of relevant words throughout this week and next as we play with the meanings, roots and affixes.  Expect a Vocabulary test on Friday, March 10th.

Students will have a couple of nights of homework this week.  All classes need to watch the Prezi that is attached to the class calendar.  Students need to watch and take notes and be prepared to discuss it in class tomorrow.  I do realize that I will not be meeting with my 4th period class tomorrow but I still need for them to watch and take notes by tomorrow or homework will pile up for them.  Students will also need to read an article for Socratic Seminar on Thursday.  The article will be posted tomorrow for discussion on Thursday.  It will pertain to First Amendment rights.

All of middle school will be starting our Global Action Research Projects this week.  A week or so ago students took a survey on which overarching topic they were interested in pursuing.  This week we will further narrow the topic through the use of another survey.  Each teacher will host a topic in his/her classroom with students from all three grade levels working together in groups of 3-6 students.  Thanks to Jackie Wunderlich for donating several binders for us to use to organize these projects.  If you happen to have any three-ring binders gathering dust in your home, and you don't mind donating them to our cause, we would certainly appreciate them!  (We request that you DO NOT purchase any.)

Have a great week!