Subject: Language Arts - Grade(s): 7th Grade

7th Grade ELA

In 7th grade ELA, we will use rich, purposeful, and engaging texts to help students dive deeply into language in order to foster deep analysis, synthesis, and inquiry.  There will be a total of 6 units of study:

  • Unit One: Crafting Meaning Through Storytelling (20-25 Days, mid-AUG >>> SEP)
  • Unit Two: Determining & Developing Central Ideas (24-28 Days, OCT >>> mid-NOV)
  • Unit Three: Forming and Supporting Claims (25-29 Days, mid-NOV >>> mid-JAN)
  • Unit Four: Analyzing Literary & Historical Texts (26-30 Days, mid-JAN >>> mid-FEB)
  • Unit Five: Comparing Authors' Choices (24-30 Days, mid-FEB >>> mid-APR)
  • Unit Six: Analyzing and Comparing Form & Structure (25-29 Days, mid-APR >>> MAY)

The 7th Grade curriculum is purposefully aligned to the Common Core State Standards for ELA.

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