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March 2020 Counselor's Tips

Spring is in the air! And with the advent of spring also comes our state testing window. For three weeks in April, our 3rd-8th grade students will be participating in a variety of electronic tests to show their knowledge and growth of knowledge in Mathematics, Reading, Writing; our 5th and 8th graders will also be tested in Science. More information can be found here on the Adams 12 website.

We want all of our Hulstrom students to make their best showing. We support them at school by practicing the testing format, scheduling tests to maximize their performance potential, and using testing data as part of students’ body of evidence to inform instruction and academic support needs. Parents can also help at home through the following supportive actions:

  1. Ensure Restful Sleep - help your student maintain healthy sleep routines and get enough sleep each night of testing.  

  2. Fuel the Brain - make sure that your student has the time for a healthy breakfast to fuel their body and brain for the day.

  3. On-time Arrival and Attendance - ensure that your student is arriving at school on time each day of testing and that they are present at school. Students who are late or absent are required to make up missed tests during other portions of their day. This often means taking multiple test sessions and missing important classroom instruction. Ensuring that your student attends school on time during testing will help them be at their most successful.

  4. Support Good Test-taking Habits - Remind your student to read the questions carefully, compose their answers thoroughly, and double-check their work. Students have ample time during each testing section to thoughtfully read and respond to the questions.

  5. Talk it Up - we want all of our students to put forth their best effort and believe that they can do their best. It’s ok to take your time, it’s ok to think things through, and it’s ok to make your best guess if you are stuck. Help your student believe in their ability to put forth their best self.

  6. Stress Relief - Testing can be a stressful time for many students. Remember to support your student in participating in activities that help them relieve stress: maintaining routines, eating well, physical activity, reading, drawing, calming down-time, and unstructured play are all ways to help relieve stress. 

More information about the testing schedule will be coming out soon. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 

Mrs. Husic

Hulstrom School Counselor