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Dear Hulstrom Families,

We are excited for the 2014-15 school year, including our full roll out of Bring Your Own Device.  We wish to be sensitive to our families so you all understand our willingness to work with you regarding the expense of providing a personal electronic device and school supplies for your child or children.

During the 2013-14 school year several Hulstrom teachers piloted the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.  Students in the pilot phase of this implementation were able to bring their own mobile technology devices to school for use in their classes, and Adams Twelve Five Star Schools supported an incredible technology upgrade at Hulstrom including a high-level filtered Internet connection.

Our goal for next fall is for every student to participate in the 1:1 BYOD program with a personal device.  During the pilot, we enjoyed many successes, but also learned the difficulties associated with having several different devices within a classroom.  As a result, we recommend, the following devices for the 2014-2015 school year:  iPads for K-2 nd and Chromebooks (and/or laptops) for grades 3-8. For more information on what to buy please see the BYOD page. 

We prefer students bring these recommended devices.  If you do not have one of these, we will have technology or alternative options available for students.  Our teachers have been trained to support these devices, and maximize their impact on your student’s education.  If you simply cannot afford a device, please contact Mr. Isenhour at 720-972-5406. 

Superintendent Gdowski has approved the $45.00 textbook and instructional material fee be waived for Hulstrom families during the 2014-15 school year.  Although we are going BYOD we are not quite ready to become completely paperless.  We are still requesting students have school supplies.  If you have already purchased school supplies online through our PTA, thank you!   If not, please check the Hulstrom Web Site this summer for an update on school supplies. 

We encourage you to learn more about Hulstrom’s BYOD program by checking out the BYOD link on the Hulstrom web site.  This link includes suggested Chromebook models.  This link will also have a FAQ section and, coming soon, a detailed history of the 21st Century and BYOD initiative.


Check-In/Registration/Camp All Star
We are excited to offer Camp All Stars to help students and parents with the BYOD program. 

 Registration for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade 
Wednesday 8/13/14 8:00AM – 6:00PM or  
Thursday 8/14/14 8:00AM - 4:00PM
*K-2nd Grade Camp All Star will take place at Back to School night, Aug. 18th 

Registration for Grades 3-8 are at assigned times only (see schedule below)
*Only Middle School Students will have their fall pictures and ID’s taken by Lifetouch 
*Middle School Lockers will be assigned at back to school night 

(if you are not scheduled you will not be able to register nor attend Camp All Star)

CAMP ALLSTAR Wednesday 8/13/2014 

Thursday 8/14/2014

8:00AM to 12:00PM

Last name begins with A-L  Last name begins with M-Z

to 4:00PM
 Last name begins with M-Z
 Last name begins with A-L
 4:00PM to 
 Open to Last name begins with A- Z  

At the camp, students will bring their device and complete the following:

  • Register the device with Hulstrom
  • Set it up for school BYOD wi-fi network access
  • Learn the expectations of using the device at school
  • Sign the Superintendent Policy on Technology Usage
  • Sign the Hulstrom Student BYOD agreement
  • Take a digital citizenship quiz.
  • Parents will also be educated on how to setup parental controls
  • Typing Test

We are very excited for the newest hires and Hulstrom family members.  The three new middle school teachers will enhance enthusiasm, as well as strengthen parent/student communication to an already strong middle school team. 


Kindergarten: Mrs. Dickerson, Mrs. Egging, Mrs. Sturgeon

First Grade: Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Bjorhus, Mrs. Kover

Second Grade: Mrs. L. Harris, Mrs. Spence, Mrs. Twele

Third Grade: Mrs. Carillo, Mrs. T. Harris, Mrs. Robinson

Fourth Grade: Mrs. Donahue, Mr. Grabhorn, Ms. Oakman

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Betty, Ms. Gwinn, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Vales

Language Arts: Mrs. Henkel, (6th grade) Ms. Neufeld, (6th and 7th grade) Mrs. Stromberg (7th & 8th grade)

Math: TBD, (6th grade) Ms. Lepie, (6th, 7th & 8th grade) Mrs. Newberry, (7th & 8thgrade) Ms. Congedo, (8th grade)

Science: TBD, (6th grade) Mrs. Heroux, (6th & 7th grade) Ms. Congedo, (8th grade)

Social Studies: Mrs. Henkel, (6th grade) Mr. Hill, (6th & 7th grade), Mrs. Lamsal, (7th & 8th grade)

Learning Specialist: Monica Torres

Campus Security: Anthony Rubio

Dear Parents,
Just a quick reminder about visiting school.  Please be sure to follow our policy so disruptions are kept to a minimum.


State Statue 18-9-109 REQUIRES ALL VISITORS and VOLUNTEERS to check in at the main office. Please address all concerns at the office window. You will receive a “VISITOR” OR “VOLUNTEER” sticker badge to wear while you are in the school.

PLEASE DO NOT GO TO CLASSROOMS WITHOUT CHECKING IN AT THE FRONT WINDOW. If you want to visit the classroom or speak with the teacher, please call to make an appointment. This includes before and after school. Teachers have a very limited time to plan and prepare for instruction. Dropping in can be disruptive.

Students other than currently enrolled at Hulstrom K-8 are not allowed to visit classrooms. THIS IS FOR THE SECURITY OF ALL CHILDREN IN OUR SCHOOL.

Classroom parent volunteers (who volunteer on a weekly basis) will be asked to attend a one-time volunteer orientation provided through PTA. This would need to be completed before actually volunteering in the classroom.

Another reminder regarding the "Hug & Go" lane. 

-The circle lane is now a ONE LANE “Hug & Go” only. When you pull into the “Hug & Go” you may not park in the lane for any amount of time.

- Parents may not get out of the car at any time while in the “Hug & GO” lane. Only your child may open the car door closest to the school.

When you pull into the "Hug & Go" lane, you must pull all the way forward toward the last cone even if your child is a middle school student. DO NOT stop for convenience; the flow must keep moving from north to south. However, if traffic is stopped, feel free to let your child out of the car. You do not need to wait until you get near the south side of the "Hug & Go" to let your child out.

If you have to park to help your child with projects, etc, you must park in a legal parking spot in the parking lot, or on the street, and use the crosswalk.
We will have supervision along the Hug & Go lane, and on the playground, assisting your child and helping him or her to class.

In the afternoon, you are welcome to wait in your car in the Hug & Go lane. However, you MAY NOT leave your car. If you need to leave your car, you need to park in a legal parking space, or on the street. And, just like in the morning, please continue to pull forward if there is room.
If you choose to park on Wyco Drive or our side streets:

-Do not J-walk. This is extremely poor modeling for your child, a safety issue, and against the law. Please use the Cross-Walk on Wyco Drive or 115th

Please park legally. This includes in our school parking lot.

- Do not turn around in the neighbor’s driveway.

Do not block driveways or park in red zones.

If you have relatives picking up your child, please be sure they understand these statements. It is up to us, as adults, to model safety and kindness.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to the Hulstrom Staff and students.




Inclement Weather: On bad weather days students will enter the front of the building.

Students will congregate at the foyer (Elementary at the south entrance, Middle School at the north) and at 7:40 AM, we will allow students to enter until the bell rings at 7:45. We have designated areas inside the building where kids are to be until their classroom teacher picks them up or brings them to the classroom. At the end of school, we will dismiss the same way so parents know where to meet students. Please look for our Hulstrom banners on inclement weather days.
These banners will help you know if students will enter through the classroom doors or the front doors.

Remember, inclement weather is defined as colder than 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and or raining and snowing.

If you have any questions, please call 720-972-5400.

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Hulstrom K-8 Families,

As you know, we love our parents and all of the hours they dedicate to our school.  Parents are always welcome to volunteer. Please learn specific needs of the teacher/staff member you are volunteering for, sign up for our PTA Volunteer Orientation, and follow all District Twelve policies before you begin volunteering.

Adams Twelve policy requires all volunteers to complete the Volunteer Application every year.  We have attached the English Volunteer Code of Conduct, and the Spanish Volunteer Code of Conduct, as well as the  English and Spanish version of the Volunteer Application, (Superintendent Policy 8800).  Just click on the links above. 

Please complete the application and Code of Conduct or you will not be allowed to work with our students and staff in a volunteer capacity

We continue to have a very positive start to the 2013-14 school year!  Thank you for you ongoing support!

If you ever wish to visit with me, please do not hesitate to stop in and see me, call me at 720-972-5400, or email me at 

Thank you for everything you do to support Hulstrom K-8, A School for Advanced Academics and Gifted Education!



Awards and Recognition

Recently, Colorado Superintendents received notification if a school, or schools, in their respected school district earned either the John Irwin Award, or the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award.   For the 2011 school year, 249 schools in Colorado earned the John Irwin Award and or the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award.

 We are proud to announce that Hulstrom Options K-8 is one of only 57 schools in the state to receive both the John Irwin Award and the Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award. 

  The 2011 John Irwin awards are awarded to schools that “exceed” expectations on the 3-year school performance framework’s indicator related to academic achievement and that “meet or exceed” expectations on the indicator related to academic growth gaps.  These schools demonstrate the highest levels of achievement not just for some students but also adequate performance across all student groups. 

 The 2011 Governor’s Distinguished Improvement awards are awarded to schools that “exceed” expectations on the 3-year school performance framework’s indicator related to academic growth and “meet or exceed” expectations on the indicator related to academic growth gaps.  These schools demonstrate the highest levels of growth for not just some students but all student groups. 

 Both of these awards are due to the hard work of your children, the staff, and you... the parents. 

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with and teach your children.


Colorado Governor's Distinguished Improvement Awards
Commisioner of Education Richard Hammond has announced that Hulstrom Options K8 School has been recognized for the the Colorado Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award. Each year beginning in 2000, this award recognizes the top 8 percent of schools in the state, based on longitudinal student growth on statewide assessments across 3 years.  WAY TO GO HULSTROM STUDENTS AND TEACHERS!

5280 Magazine Names
Hulstrom Options K-8
A Top Denver School 
Hulstrom's Elementary is ranked 6th in the state of Colorado!
Hulstrom's middle School is ranked 14th in the state of Colorado!

Wednesday, August 13
CAMP Allstar Chromebook
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Check the BYOD page for your time!  This is a required event for all 3-8 graders and a parent.  
Grades 1-8 Student Check-in for 2014-2015
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Middle School Fall Picture and School ID's 
Middle School will not get assigned locker at this time.

Thursday, August 14
CAMP Allstar Chromebook
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Check the BYOD page for your time.  All 3-8 graders and a parent are required to attend!  
Grades 1-8 Student Check-in for 2014-2015
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Middle School Fall Pictures and ID's
Middle School will not be assigned lockers at this time
Monday, August 18
PTA Activity Fair & Back to School Dinner
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Gym and Outside
Back To School Night
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Meet your teacher and K-2 will attend Camp Allstar iPad!  
Wednesday, August 20
Kinder Coffee-new family welcome to Hulstrom
7:45 AM - 8:30 AM

Congratulations 2014 Lion's Relay Participants