Hulstrom Library

Library Hours for 2016-17

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays 
Wednesdays 7:15am-1:45pm

(please note that LMC may be closed for special guests or meetings without notice)

We are proud to be a Flat Classroom ® School. We have been and will begin again this fall participating in the Week in the Life project. When you go flat, you never go back! Connect, collaborate, change.

We are working hard to become ethical users of information and to show our digital citizenship by earning our digital passports from Commonsense Media!  Click here for more information including how to earn a family digital passport! 

                            Internet Safety and Technology Awareness  are vital issues for our 21st Century Learners.  Click on the following link to see more information about this timely topic

Overdue Procedures 
Overdue notices will be delivered to classes Tuesday for inclusion in Wednesday folders K-5 and to their Language Arts Teacher 6-8. 

Step #1:  1st notice overdue sent out (Book 1-7 days overdue)           

Step #2:  2nd notice overdue sent out (Book 8-14 days overdue)          

Step #3:   3rd notice overdue sent out, (Book 15-21 days overdue).  After 21 days, our electronic catalog will automatically create a fine for the lost title.  Fines will appear on student's Infinite Campus account and should be paid in the office with the Office Manager.  If a lost book is found and returned after being paid for, a credit will appear on the student's Infinite Campus account and these funds can be used toward future charges.