PARCC and CMAS Testing Dates

Important Assessment Information

As you know, each grade level has specific educational standards for students to master.  These standards are rigorous and designed to ensure students are well-prepared for college or a career.  The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) measures mastery of the standards in grades 3-9 in Math, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.  The assessments measure real-world skills including problem solving and critical thinking.  
The assessment results are beneficial for parents, students, and educators because they provide information on how well each student is doing in regard to mastering the standards.  The results are also used to recognize high performing schools.  Hulstrom K-8 continues to rank as one of the top performing schools in Colorado.
The assessment period is rapidly approaching.  During the assessment window, it is imperative that students attend school each day, get a good night of sleep the night prior to assessments, and eat a healthy breakfast the morning of each test.
Below is the testing schedule for students in grades 3-8:
March 15-17 (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th English Language Arts)
March 20-23 (3rd, 4th, 5th Math)
March 20-22 (6th Math)
March 21-23 (8th English Language Arts)
April 11-13 (4th Social Studies, 5th Science, 7th and 8th Math)
April 18-20 (7th English Language Arts and 8th Science)
April 17,18, 20 (7th Social Studies)
The majority of the assessments will occur in the morning, but there are a few sessions scheduled for middle school students in the afternoon.  Please contact Mrs. Hilfer, attendance secretary, if you have specific questions about the testing times.
We look forward to seeing our students achieve at the highest levels on their mastery of the standards.  Hulstrom All-Stars rise above the rest!