Positive Behavior Intervention & Support

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a nation-wide, research-based system that encourages a positive learning environment. Consistent expectations are established within a school that are taught and then reinforced through a positive manner.

The Positive Behavior Intervention Support System:

  1. Effectively teaches appropriate behavior to all students.
  2. Provides early intervention to support and address students’ needs.
  3. Monitors student progress to inform interventions.
  4. Provides a system for regular feedback for both positive and problem behavior.
  5. Uses data to make decisions.

Hulstrom’s expectations are defined as what student behavior should look like and sound like for all students in all areas of the building. The expectations provide common language and create a school wide community. Posters are located throughout the building to remind Hulstrom students, staff, and teachers of the expectations for that area.

Ways to Acknowledge Positive Behavior

  • Individual – Shining Stars (green star)
  • Whole Class – AllStar Excellence (yellow star)
  • Positive Office Referral

The Shining Star Point System

  • 25 – Place star on Shining Star recognition wall and a Hulstrom bracelet (no certificate)
  • 50 – Move star on the Shining Star recognition wall and certificate at Trimester Assembly
  • 75 – Move star on the Shining Star recognition wall and special lunch (no certificate)
  • 100 –Move star on the Shining Star recognition wall, and Gold Star certificate at Trimester assembly
  • 150 – Move Star on Shining Star recognition wall, and Shining Star t-shirt
  • 200 - TBD