Reading Counts


2016-2017 Hulstrom Library Reading Counts Program Info


This year, our Reading Counts theme is READING COUNTS IS AWESOME!  I really want to emphasize that READING itself  is AWESOME and encourage students to read by reminding that READING BUILDS more than spaceships or fantasy lands.  By reading, every student can become THE SPECIAL!  In the library, we will continue to reinforce that  READING BUILDS . . .

This year, we will be celebrating student achievements a little differently.  Each RC board, in the hallway by the library, will represent the various gradesStudents will show their building AND reading skills by placing their leveled LEGOS to create . . . WHATEVER THEY WANT!  Points reports will typically be run Tuesday afternoons, with emails sent to teachers inviting qualifying students to the library on Wednesday to collect their prizes and add their LEGO to the board.  As in previous years, students who reach the fifth and final level, will be invited to Lunch in the Library ( January date to be determined).  If (when) students continue to read and get DOUBLE the required points, we will celebrate with a Movie in the Library (at the end of the year).  Sometimes students read books without RC quizzes but NOT TO WORRY!  They can write their own quiz, get credit for it AND take the quiz to get the points!  WIN-WIN-WIN!   I would also like to have other activities during the year but those are UNDER CONSTRUCTION (details to follow).  Thank you for your help and support with this program.  Please contact me if you or your students have any questions.

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