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Families with students wishing to attend Hulstrom K-8 for the 2016-2017 school year

will apply for admission through the district’s Schools of Choice Program starting December 1, 2015 through January 2016.  Submit applications electronically online through the Adams 12 website  

http://www.adams12.org/choice/application.  Hulstrom is open to out of district applications as long as student IQ report is provided.

Please attend one of the two parent information nights for a tour and more. Parent information meetings are: December 2, 2015 and January 5, 2016 at 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

Your child must be 5 years old on or before October 1 of the school year he/she will start school. If your child misses the cut-off date but is a highly advanced student (at or above 98th percentile on nationally normed assessments as per Colorado Department of Education guidelines), you can apply for early entrance. For more information on early entrance, please go to http://www.adams12.org/kindergarten/early_entrance.

Hulstrom Kindergarten is a full-day, tuition-based program. There is a $50.00 onetime registration fee and a tuition fee of $300.00 a month.  There is a $25.00 late fee for payments not paid by the first of every month. Tuition is waived for families who qualify for a free or reduced lunch. The Hulstrom K-8 kindergarten is considered advanced and highly rigorous, and the expectation is on academics.  We challenge our students beyond what a traditional school will and the expectation for parental involvement reflects this.

For questions contact Deb Hall at 720-972-5402

All potential kindergarten students will go through a kindergarten readiness screening. Screening will be scheduled by Hulstrom K-8 after the application process begins.Kindergarten screening consists of the ability to understand, use and apply literacy skills, quick understanding of text and large vocabulary, number sense, the ability to calculate, the ability to solve complex spatial problems, the ability to reason, processing and age appropriate interaction.

Any cognitive testing from a qualified licensed psychologists is acceptable.

 Bring the following completed forms to scheduled screening: Preschool Survey, Parent Survey, About My Child, Home Language Survey. (All forms are located on the Hulstrom Website under Kindergarten Readiness Screening Forms).  IQ testing is strongly encouraged (required for GT program) for grades K-8 and can be submitted to Deb Hall at debbie.hall@adams12.org.  If the screening determines that Hulstrom K-8 is an appropriate placement, the student will be considered for admission. Based on the screening results, students will be selected for the Gifted and Talented Program or the Advanced Academic Program (both programs are academically very rigorous and are explained in more detail below). Once the kindergarten screening is complete, students are selected by lottery and space availability through the Choice Office. Applicants for the upper grades will be screened using their school records and other pertinent information including IQ report if available. For all levels, siblings who qualify to attend Hulstrom K-8 will be given priority.

 All potential students’ grades 1-8 will go through a readiness screening if and when space is available. Screening determines if Hulstrom K-8 is an appropriate placement, and considered for admission. Based on the screening results, students will be selected for the Gifted and Talented Program or the Advanced Academic Program both programs are advanced academically and very rigorous. Once the screening is complete, students are selected by lottery and space availability. Applicants for grades 1-8 will be screened along with their school records and other pertinent information including IQ report if available. (IQ testing is strongly encouraged for grades K-8.)  For all levels, siblings who qualify to attend Hulstrom will be given priority.2Th4

The Gifted and Talented Program is designed to give gifted and talented students the opportunity to learn at an accelerated pace, in a creative environment, and with high ability peers. Students find that the Gifted and Talented Program provides them with a more appropriate pace, a greater depth of study, and a higher complexity level of thinking. This program, while accelerated, is standards-based, highly rigorous, and structured through interdisciplinary instruction. In this environment, students are encouraged to collaborate with other students and to incorporate their interests into their learning.

 The instructional models are based on best practice research in the field of gifted education as defined by the National Association for Gifted Children.

When considering whether a child is an appropriate candidate for Gifted and Talented, parents should take into account the rigorous pace of instruction, the high expectations, and the level of independence sometimes required.

 The Advanced Academic Program is designed to provide a research & standards-based approach to education for average to high ability students. Students enjoy a structured, rigorous approach, combined with inter-disciplinary thematic studies. Students focus on grade level and beyond skills in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. Students receive instruction on and above grade level, that focuses on the state and district standards along with higher level thinking. Differentiated learning is provided for students whose advanced abilities are qualitatively different enough to need differentiated opportunities within their learning environment.

 Hulstrom K-8 School is most successful for students who exhibit the following characteristics:

 Motivation, Independence, Emotional and Social Maturity, Enthusiasm and Passion for Learning, Risk Taking, High Potential for Achievement and Production, Creative and Critical Thinking, Strong parental support

 Students within the Gifted and Talented Program will be be challenged beyond what they find easy or comfortable. Optimal learning for gifted students happens when they have a genuine challenge and appropriate support to successfully meet these challenges. The Gifted and Talented Program offers students an accelerated instructional model that is standards-based and highly rigorous. Students are able to utilize creativity and problem solving to authentic and relevant world learning opportunities.

 The Advanced Academic Program is a focused, highly rigorous, structured program that is a standards-based curriculum model. Curricular materials are used to support an integrated, thematic approach to education. The Advanced Academic Program focuses on the application of higher-order thinking skills, deductive reasoning, and analytical thinking.

How do I know I'm making the right choice?

 Trust your own knowledge of your child.

Trust your own feelings and instincts about a school.

Remember that your child must be prepared for a world very different from the one you experienced as a young child.

Remember that school is not like it was when you were there.

Include your child in the decision-making process.

Seek many different opinions.

Be cautious about making a decision based on only one factor.

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 Chinese Language and Culture at Hulstrom Options K-8

 We are pleased to announce that Hulstrom has been awarded a Mandarin Chinese Language teacher grant from College Board. Mandarin Chinese instruction is offered to our students in grades 3-8. This grant was highly competitive and we are honored to have been selected by College Board. This grant really helps Hulstrom to get world language instruction implemented in our K-8!

Here are some resource links supporting this decision:

Going Global, Scholastic News - May 8, 2006


 Chinese Foreign Language Programs Grow at Schools - St. Petersburg Times - April 25, 2005

 Learn Why Chinese Language Matters to Americans - Chinese Language Programs in American Schools

 Why Chinese? Chinese Language Programs in American Schools


COLORADO PRESCHOOL PROGRAM (CPP) Adams 12 Five Star Schools offers preschool to a limited number of CPP qualifying children.  The Colorado Preschool Program is funded by the state of Colorado. Eligible children will attend at no cost to the family.  Classes are 4 days per week, 2 hours and 55 mintues per day. To be eligible for the Colorado Preschool Program in Adams 12 Five Star Schools: è The child and parent/guardian must reside within the boundaries of the Adams 12 Five Star Schools. Two proofs of residency must be provided at the time of the screening appointment.è  The child must go through the Adams12 free screening process.è The child must meet the State’s criteria for eligibility. Some examples of qualifying risk factors are:§  Child is eligible to receive free or reduced-cost lunch pursuant to the provisions of the Federal “National School Lunch Act”;§  Child is in need of language development, including but not limited to the ability to speak English;§  Child lives in a Multiple-Family Household;§  Parent or Guardian has not successfully completed a high school education or its equivalent.è All students must have an up-to-date immunization record and physical, required by Colorado State Law, and an official birth certificate as they enter preschool.è The parent/guardian must be responsible for transportation to and from the program.¨      Appointments are required.        Call : Becky McLaughlin at 720-972-8761      Jody Davis at 720-972-6145            Katrina Groetken at 720-972-3870 Please leave only one message with one person.  Leaving multiple messages may delay your return call. 

For Spanish-speaking families only – please call 720-972-6000, press

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