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Middle School Battle of the Books

Did you know that the 2017 District Champions for Middle School Battle of the Books were our very own TWO MAN BAND - Olivia Aldridge and Tyler Cleverley? CONGRATUALTIONS to them both for an OUTSTANDING job and WONDERFUL representaion of Hulstorm All-Star Power!  

So.....are YOU up to the challenge?  Middel School Battle of the Books consists of four genres (Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Mystery, Historical/Nonfiction and Realistic Fiction) with four titles each (to be announced soon...).  Teams are recommended to be four students but can be from 2-6 members (a maximumof 4 students per team can represent their school at the district battle). We will have a school competition for each genre, a final school battle covering all sixteen books to to determine who will go to the district battle AND the district battle (location  to be dertemined).  We are also hoping to put together a teacher/staff team!  Our first meeting will take place sometime in September, with weekly meetings/queston writing sessions.  School competitions will take place from November through February, with the final one in March, along with the district battle.  Please stay tuned for more information or contact StroMrs. Stromberg or Mrs. Anderson with questions.