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Bring Your Own Device

Hulstrom is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) School!       BYOD RegistrationStudent Login and Device Information

As a leader in academic excellence, Hulstrom K-8 recognizes that students of this generation learn and engage in education differently than students in the past. Research has demonstrated that students learn best when they are actively involved in their education. Technology engages students on all academic levels. As a 1:1 BYOD (Bring your own device) school, we are committed to using this academic tool to help create lifelong learners and productive 21st-century citizens.  At Hulstrom, 21st Century Learners are:

For more information see the BYOD Parent Information Presentation

It is highly recommended that all students come to school with a personal device for learning.  Students in Kindergarten through Second Grade are encouraged to bring an iPad, and students in Third through Eighth Grade should bring a Chromebook. Students will use devices daily as a learning tool within the classroom.

Device Information

Kindergarten-2nd Grade:  iPad

iPad must update to the newest ios version, currently 13, and may be of any model.
It is our hope the families are able to utilize old or hand me down iPads. 16GB of memory is sufficient however the amount of memory is completely up to you. 
Headphones and cases are recommended for all devices. 

3rd-8th Grade:  Chromebook 

Hulstrom's Chromebook recommendation is a Dell or Samsung Chromebook with a minimum of 2GB Memory - 16GBFlash.
Chromebooks can be purchased at Best Buy, Amazon or Walmart, for around $200. Samsung Chromebook Plus can be found online at  Gov Connections with special pricing for Adams 12 students and employees.

* If this is a financial hardship, please contact Dr. Urlik.

Headphones and cases


All students will also need to have a pair of headphones and should provide adequate protective cases.
Recommended iPad case Shock Proof iPad Case 

Chromebook cases vary depending on brand and model. With proper care Chromebook cases are not a necessity but are still highly recommended.



Parent Note:
Security is important information for parents to be informed about. All devices will connect to the Adams 12 district guest Wi-Fi (ad12guest). All devices connected to the district’s network are secured and filtered for content in order to keep students safe.

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