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BYOD Registration

As you already know, Hulstrom is a BYOD (Bring Own Know Device) school. Hulstrom has utilized personal devices into the learning environment for the past 6 years and now with remote learning, it is necessary that all students have a device to access daily instruction and learning.  We ask that students K-2 have an iPad and students in grades 3-8 have a Chromebook or laptop. If you do not already have a device for your child please check the Bring Your Own Device webpage on the Hulstrom website for details on which device you should purchase for your child. * If this is a financial hardship Adams 12 will provide a Chromebook for checkout, see contact Dr. Urlik for information

As part of BYOD, it is required that parents, with their child, complete the BYOD registration at the beginning of each school year.

iPad Next Steps for Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

New Families: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade   

Hulstrom iPad Required Apps List 

Download ALL the Required Apps onto your child’s iPad.

Parents must have an Apple ID account to set up and download apps onto your child’s iPad. If you do not have an Apple ID  you must first create one. Click here for more information. 
* Some apps require a Username and passwords that are not part of the Adams 12 single sign-on Student Portal, parents and students will receive account information for apps following the introduction of the app in school.

Returning Families: 1st - 2nd  Grade

Check the iPad Required Apps list provided above. Download any needed apps, there have been a few changes. 

Storage on BYOD iPads sometimes becomes an issue starting around 2nd grade; please delete any apps no longer in use and transfer or delete old images/photos. 

Organization of Apps 

To help your child utilize the iPad and the use of this tech tool smoother is it extremely helpful to customize the setup/organization of apps. 
Click here to access app organization images

Important iPad Settings and Maintenance items

  • Set a Passcode
    Go to Settings, Passcode
    Select and enter a passcode that you and your child have decided on together. Make sure the code is something your child can remember but that is also secure. Inactivity settings can be set to re-enter after a set amount of time. We suggest setting it to 5 minutes or longer. 

  • Updates
    Please run updates on the ios and apps regularly at home. We suggest doing this weekly. 

  • Closeout running apps
    Teach your child to close apps regularly. Closing apps regularly helps to conserve battery life and bandwidth.   Tutorial  

  • In the event of Loss 
    We recommend loading the Find my iPhone app to both your child’s and your smartphone or device. This app allows the device to be located, locked, or swiped clean should the device cannot be located.