Connecting The Hulstrom K-8 Community With The Classroom

Welcome to the new Online Classroom section of the Hulstrom K-8 website. The purpose of this section is to support the school-to-home learning connection. We want our Hulstrom families to stay connected to what we're doing in the classroom. We also want to provide some supports for how parents and students can reinforce the learning that's going on in our classrooms.

In today's technical age there are scores of educational resources and materials available online. Many of these resources and materials are in use here at Hulstrom but sometimes it can be difficult to find these resources or understand how they're applicable to the student or the student's parents. By creating this Online Classroom section we hope to make it easier for you to find the appropriate resources.

You can find a complete list of our Online Classrooms, categorized by grade level - for standard single grade classes - or type (specials, special education and support). Our teachers maintain these Online Classrooms and these pages should provide you with another resource for establishing meaningful parent/teacher and student/teacher learning connections outside the classroom.