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7th Grade

7th Grade Classrooms

Ms. Cialone's Math 7

Math Banner
Subject: Math
Students can refer to Big Ideas Math for assignments and access to the Math 7 eBook and other math resources. Math 7 will concentrate on the five main standards for 7th grade math: Ratios and Proportional Relationships The Number System...

Dr. Fennell's 7th Grade Science

Subject: Science
Units of Study: Life science is the thread throughout all of the 7th grade science units. Unit 1 Cells- A study of cells and the processes by which energy is acquired and utilized by organisms. Unit 2 Human Body Systems- A study of the...

Mr. Hill's Social Studies 7 Class

Subject: Social Studies
Welcome to Hulstrom 7th Grade Survey of the Eastern Hemisphere It's great to be back for this year and moving in a direction of some version of normalcy after the last two years. But remember, you're still living through history, and history...

Ms. Lepie's Honors Math 7 Class

Subject: Math
Remote Learning: Assignments will be posted in Clever and in the Schoology calendar.  Honors 7 will be using the Big Ideas Math Advanced 2 book and convering 7th and 8th grade standards. Topics Include: Equations...

Mrs. Newberry's Integrated II Class

Subject: Math
Integrated 2 will be covering High School Standards Including the Following Topics: Functions and Exponents Polynomial Equations and Factoring Graphing Quadratic Functions Solving Quadratic Equations Probability...

Ms. Stromberg's Advanced ELA 7/8 A

Subject: Language Arts
Our first unit this year will be Utopia: How We Dream about Our Futures.  This class will focus on 7th, 8th and 9-10 grade Standards depending on the individual learning needs.  Because of this higher level of instruction, the literature for this...