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7th Grade

7th Grade

The middle of middle school is AWESOME!!


7th Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Henkel's Lang Arts 7 Class

Subject: Language Arts Grade(s): 7th Grade
In 7th grade ELA, we will use rich, purposeful, and engaging texts to help students dive deeply into language in order to foster deep analysis, synthesis, and inquiry.  Philosophically, I believe students learn and retain more if they work with...

Mr. Hill's Social Studies 7 Class

Subject: Social Studies Grade(s): 7th Grade
Welcome to Hulstrom 7th Grade Survey of the Eastern Hemisphere. The foundation of this course is based on Adams 12 District Education Standards as well as the Colorado Department of Education Standards for Social Studies. It is also constructed...

Mrs. Kettler's Science 7 Class

Subject: Science Grade(s): 7th Grade
The main focus of 7th grade science is the Life Sciences.  There are 5 units of study throughout the year that include: 1) Geologic Time 2)  Cells 3)  Body Systems 4)  Genetics 5) Evolution We will be using Interactive...

Ms. Lepie's Honors Math 7 Class

Subject: Math Grade(s): 7th Grade
Honors 7 will be using the Big Ideas Math Advanced 2 Orange book and convering 7th and 8th grade standards. Topics Include: Equations Transformations Angles and Triangles Graphing and Writing Linear Equations Systems of Linear Equations...

Mrs. Newberry's Math 7

Subject: Math Grade(s): 7th Grade
Math 7 will be using the Big Ideas Red book and covering 7th grade standards. Topics Include: Integers & Rational Numbers Equations & Inequalities Ratios, Proportions, and Percents Constructions, Scale Drawings, Circles...