8th Grade

Grade(s): 8th Grade

8th Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Brakel's SS 8 Class

The History of U.S.

In this class we will be learning about the history of the United States!  We begin our journey in the 1700's with colonization.  Following colonization, we will be learning about the American Revolution and the government of the newly formed United...

Ms. Congedo´s Science 8

Ms. Congedo´s Science 8

Units of Study: Energy Forces and Motion Weather and Climate Chemistry

Ms. Lepie´s Honors Math 8 Class

Periods 5 & 6

Subject: Math - Grade(s): 8th Grade Honors 8 will be using the Big Ideas Math Blue Integrated 1 book and convering 9th grade standards. Topics Include: Solving Linear Equations Solving Linear Inequalities Graphing Linear Functions Writing Linear...

Mrs. Newberry's CMIC 2 Class

Mrs. Newberry's Period 7

CMIC2 will be covering High School Standards Including: Functions, Equations, and Systems Coordinate Methods Regression & Correlation Nonlinear Functions & Equations Trigonometric Methods Probability Distributions

Mrs. Newberry's Math 8 Class

Mrs. Newberry's period 5

Math 8 will be using the Big Idea's Blue book and convering 8th grade standards. Topics Include: Equations Transformations Angles and Triangles Graphing and Writing Linear Equations Systems of Linear Equations Functions Real Numbers and The...

Ms. Stromberg's Class

Welcome to the Awesomeness that is 8th grade ELA!

Looking to a great start of the 2017-18 school year! We will be using the William and Mary curriculum units this year.  Our second semester is all about the 1940s: A Decade of Change.  Students will be reading, writing, and learning about a specific...