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8th Grade

Hello 8th grade families! We hope you are all safe and well during this time and enjoyed your summer. As we start into Remote Learning at Hulstrom this year, remember we will be keeping you updated through the MS Remote Learning Newsletter which will be linked in the Weekly Hulstrom K-8 Newsletter communication from Dr. Urlik.

Also, click here for the "Middle School Parent Slideshow" for information regarding remote learning this fall. This slideshow was presented to families on the evening of August 25, 2020. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Click here for the MS Bell Schedule.  Thank you!

8th Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Brakel's SS 8 Class

Subject: Social Studies
Welcome to 8th Grade U.S. History!!! In this class we will be learning about the history of the United States!  We begin our journey in the 1700's with colonization.  Following colonization, we will be learning about the American Revolution and...

Ms. Cialone's Integrated Math 3

Math Banner
Subject: Math
Integrated Math 3 is a high-school-level course that will expand students’ understanding of area and volume with geometric modeling, which students will apply throughout the course as they learn new types of functions. Students will study...

Ms. Lepie´s Honors Math 8 Class

Subject: Math
Remote Learning: Assignments will be posted in Clever and in the Schoology Calendar.  Schoology - Period 3, Schoology - Period 5, Schoology - Period 6 Honors 8 will be using the Big Ideas Math Integrated 1 book and convering 9th grade...

Ms. Lepie's Math 8 Class

Subject: Math
Distance Learning: Office Hours will occur via Zoom Monday - Friday from 10-11am and from 2-3pm. Assignments will still be posted in Clever and in the online Calendar.  Please join the new Google Classroom (Distance Learning - class code:...

Mrs. Newberry's Integrated II Class

Subject: Math
Integrated 2 will be covering High School Standards Including the Following Topics: Functions and Exponents Polynomial Equations and Factoring Graphing Quadratic Functions Solving Quadratic Equations Probability...

Ms. Stromberg's Class

Subject: Language Arts
Welcome to what we all hope will be a return to normalcy! Our first unit is "Utopia."  All students will be getting their College of William and Mary workbook for Utopia.  We will be using many short stories and at least 3 novels this first...

Ms. Stromberg's Advanced ELA 7/8 A

Subject: Language Arts
Our first unit this year will be Utopia: How We Dream about Our Futures.  This class will focus on 7th, 8th and 9-10 grade Standards depending on the individual learning needs.  Because of this higher level of instruction, the literature for this...