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Dr. Fennell's 7th Grade Science


Units of Study: Life science is the thread throughout all of the 7th grade science units.

Unit 1 Cells- A study of cells and the processes by which energy is acquired and utilized by organisms.

Unit 2 Human Body Systems- A study of the complex interactions of human body systems.

Unit 3 Health- A study of healthy decision making around drugs, alcohol, and sexual health.

Unit 4 Genetics- A study of the transmission of genetic information from generation to generation.

Unit 5 Natural and Artificial Selection-  A study of relationships between the traits of an organism, the environment, and the probability of survival both naturally and with human intervention.

Unit 6 Changes in Life Over Time- A study of the nature of science; the culmination of the year’s learning resulting in student use of multiple lines of evidence to support an evolutionary claim about organisms and environments over time.

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