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Academic Resources

    Academic Resources

    What is the single, best way to get academic help at Hulstrom???

              Talk to your teacher! They can't read your mind, but they are all willing and able to help when you need it.

              If you are having trouble talking to a teacher, your counselor can help you get the conversation going. 

    High School Information

    Learn about High School Programs by visiting the ESC on the evening of Nov 12 or Nov 13 - See 2019 High School Info Night Flyer Below

    The Choice process will open in December.

    Be sure to accept the placement of your choice ASAP if you have been notified by a special program. 

    High School Registration: High School Counselors will be visiting Hulstrom near the end of February to go over registration information with students that will be attending their schools. Registration deadlines, registration materials, and information nights will be shared at this time. It is important for student to make every effort to be in attendance at school on this day. 

    8th Grade School Specific Information Nights for incoming 9th graders (TBD - March):

    • Thornton High School - 
    • Mountain Range High School - 
    • Horizon High School - 
    • Northglenn High School -
    • Legacy High School - 

    For more information about specific programs, please see the attached documents below or visit the school's website:

    Document(s)SizeUpload Date
    PDF icon Bollman Tech.pdf402.08 KB07/30/2018
    PDF icon Horizon High School SOAR.pdf65.43 KB07/30/2018
    PDF icon Legacy High School L2K.pdf93.42 KB07/30/2018
    PDF icon Mountain Range High School of Business.pdf256.42 KB07/30/2018
    PDF icon Northglenn High School P-Tech.pdf970.01 KB07/30/2018
    PDF icon Northglenn High School PLTW.pdf656.42 KB07/30/2018
    PDF icon Thornton High School IB.pdf112.36 KB07/30/2018
    PDF icon 2019_HighSchool_InfoNight_ENG.pdf417.59 KB10/09/2019
    PDF icon Holy Family High School.pdf190.67 KB09/07/2018