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Academic Resources

    Academic Resources

    What is the single, best way to get academic help at Hulstrom???

              Talk to your teacher! They can't read your mind, but they are all willing and able to help when you need it.

              If you are having trouble talking to a teacher, your counselor can help you get the conversation going. 

    High School Information

    Special Program Information:

    • Thornton International Baccalaureate
      • The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma exposes students to a rigorous, comprehensive global education while preparing students for a series of exams as juniors & seniors that can enable them to get up to a year's worth of university credit. Contact Kelsey Barnes 720-580-1321 @ or Kristen McCloskey @ or 720-507-7645.
    • Mountain Range High School of Business
      • The High School of Business™ program is an accelerated college program that prepares students to be leaders and competitors in our 21st Century Workplace and in our global society. The program prepares students to work in business and economics while working towards fluency in a World Language. Students in the program are dual enrolled in high school and college and have the opportunity to earn 21 college credits. Contact or 720.972.6332.
    • Horizon SOAR
      • The SOAR Honors program is a four year, individualized & comprehensive program designed to enlighten, enrich and excite students and prepare leaders for success in the post-secondary setting. The SOAR program provides structure and support for high achieving students to prepare for college leadership. Contact or 720.972.4457
    • Northglenn STEM Pathways/P-Tech.
      • STEM Pathways program is a student-centered environment rich in questioning and inquiry, where students have frequent opportunities to apply engineering design and problem-solving processes to authentic, contextual problems. STEM Pathways include: Engineering and Biomedical Science. Contact or 720-972-4691 or or 720-972-4689.
      • P-TECH at Northglenn STEM (EC@N-STEM)  program is an innovative partnership between Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Front Range Community College, and Lumen Technologies where students are able to earn a free associates degree in Computer Information Systems. Students begin in 9th grade and finish their degree at FRCC. As such, students graduate with both a high school diploma and an industry-recognized associate degree, in addition to gaining relevant workplace skills. Contact or 720-972-4689,     . 
    • Legacy 2000 - 
    • CHOICE
      • If students ARE NOT applying for a specific program AND want to attend a high school OTHER THAN their boundary school, they MUST fill out a CHOICE application through the Adams 12 website.
      • Check the list of school available for choice berfore submitting an application for teh choice lottery.
    • Boundary Schools
      • This is a student's "Home School" based on your home address. You can check your boundary school by using the tool on the Adams 12 website.
      • Students do NOT need to do anything in order to attend thier boundary school UNLESS they plan to apply to a special program at the boundary school.

    Important Dates:

    To make the application process more efficient for parents, we have decided on common application deadlines for all five of the above programs.  These dates are as follows:

    Nov. 2

    Application process opens

    Nov. 15 & 16

    High School Information Night

    Dec. 1

    First round of Choice opens

    Dec. 4

    Last due date for all program applications (please check applications for specific due dates for each school’s magnet program)

    Jan. 24

    All candidates will be notified of their acceptance to magnet programs

    Jan. 31

    First round of Choice closes 

    Feb. 16- 18

    Choice Notification letters mailed to families

    Feb. 25

    Accepted candidates must inform the schools’ program offices of their decision to attend or not attend 

    After Feb. 25, schools may begin selecting students from their wait lists if space is available.  We hope this will simplify the application process for you and your child as you continue your educational journey through Adams 12 Five Star Schools.

    High School Registration: High School Counselors will be visiting Hulstrom near the end of February to go over registration information with students that will be attending their schools. Registration deadlines, registration materials, and information nights for incoming freshmen will be shared at this time. It is important for student to make every effort to be in attendance at school on this day. 

    For more information about specific programs, please see the attached documents below or visit the school's website:

    Document(s)SizeUpload Date
    PDF icon Bollman Tech.pdf402.08 KB07/30/2018
    PDF icon Horizon High School SOAR.pdf65.43 KB07/30/2018
    PDF icon Legacy High School L2K.pdf93.42 KB07/30/2018
    PDF icon Mountain Range High School of Business.pdf256.42 KB07/30/2018
    PDF icon Northglenn High School P-Tech.pdf970.01 KB07/30/2018
    PDF icon Northglenn High School PLTW.pdf656.42 KB07/30/2018
    PDF icon Thornton High School IB.pdf112.36 KB07/30/2018