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Parent Resources

Many student and parent resources for Career/Academics/Personal-Social concerns can be found using the drop down links above or on the left-hand menu.

What programs are happening at Hulstrom? Click here

Below are some specific resources for our parents:

New Elementary Student/Parent Orientation

If you missed the new elementary student/parent orientation, or would like to review the information presented, please click here.

6th Grade Orientation

If you missed 6th grade orientation, or would like to review the information presented, please click here.

Reading, Differentiation, and Resources

Reading is a great way to start a conversation about difficult topics, situations, or feelings. Reading together can also support students in their social and emotional growth and development. Please see the recommended reading lists below from Second Step, the social/emotional curriculum that your students have been learning in class for topical and age appropriate reading materials for students and parents. 

What Teachers Need Parents to Know about Differentiation from the Gifted Guru, Lisa Van Gamet

Don't forget to sign up for your IC portal account, if you haven't already. It is a great way to keep track of your student, their attendance, and their progress. Also, be sure to download the Parent Portal app on your phone for real time updates on grades and attendance!

Naviance Student is also a great resource for College and Career Planning for our middle school student and parents. All middle school students have an account, 6th graders will set up their account during a classroom presentation in the fall semester.

The Anual ACEC Career Expo

  • Career Expo is held in November of each year, more information is shared close to the date.
  • The annual Career Expo is a required field trip for all 8th grade students in Adams 12 Five Star Schools. 
  • Students are able to meet and talk to professionals from many different fields: hospitality, technology, education, armed services, media, health care, and many more. There are over 100 vendors in attendance at the Adams County Career Expo!
  • Permission Slips are sent home through social studies classes and can be returned to Mrs. Brakel or Mrs. Husic.
  • Students should wear their ID and dress professionally on the day of the Career Expo.
  • For more information, Please visit the ACEC website.

High School Information

Application Deadlines for Special Programs:

  • Thornton International Baccalaureate
    • Please contact Thornton High School directly for application information. 720-972-4800.
  • Mountain Range High School of Business
  • Horizon SOAR
  • Northglenn STEM Pathways
  • Legacy 2000
    • If students ARE NOT applying for a specific program AND want to attend a high school OTHER THAN their boundary school, they MUST fill out a CHOICE application through the Adams 12 website.
    • Check the list of school available for choice berfore submitting an application for teh choice lottery.
  • Boundary Schools
    • This is a student's "Home School" based on your home address. You can check your boundary school by using the tool on the Adams 12 website.
    • Students do NOT need to do anything in order to attend thier boundary school UNLESS they plan to apply to a special program at the boundary school.

High School Registration: High School Counselors will be visiting Hulstrom near the end of February to go over registration information with students that will be attending their schools. Registration deadlines, registration materials, and specific information nights will be shared at this time. It is important for student to make every effort to be in attendance at school on this day. 

For more information about specific programs, please see the attached documents below or visit the schools' websites

Have Questions about any District Program?

  • Use the website to browse and find a program: Adams 12 Programs
  • If you are in need of community resources such as medical care or insurance, mental health or counseling, vision and dental services, food assistance, and other resources; visit the Student and Family Outreach page.

Would you like more information or other help? Please contact us:

Counselor - Mrs. Husic - or 720-972-6924
Psychologist - Mrs. Doll - or 720-972-6926
(On leave through Dec. 2021) Social Emotional Learning Specialist - Mrs. Marian - or 720-972-6926

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