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Teacher Resources

Hulstrom would not be the amazing place it is without our staff and faculty. Kasia Winkler is honored to serve as the Teacher Services Coordinator for the 2020-2021 year.  Please feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns at Below you will find links to frequently used materials.

Welcome back to Hulstrom, we are excited to partner with you for another amazing year! We have created this page for you!

Our hope it to place all the PTA resources here that you may need. If there are other items that you believe would be a benefit to you and your fellow teachers - please let us know so we can add it!

What grade level items were already approved in the budget?

Please contact our treasurer, Celena Martinez, at with any questions.

We'd like to get to know you better! 

Please fill out the google doc form "Teacher Favorite Things" you received at the Welcome Back Teacher Breakfast.  (insert google doc link teacher favortie things) Please email Kasia Winkler at for questions.

I'd like to collect my $200/$100 Teacher Grant.

As always, the PTA is here to help support you in the classroom and beyond. Each full-time certified staff member receives a teacher grant of $200 and each part-time certified staff member receives a grant of $100. You may use this money to support your classroom needs.  

You may submit your reimbursement on the check request form attached below to the PTA mailbox or contact our treasurer, Celena Martinez, at to assist with your purchase or reimbursement.

I have additional educational funding needs. Can PTA help me out?

We want to continue to support the educational needs of our students in a variety of ways so if you have other funding needs, please let us know. We had some great requests we were able to support last year and would like to continue to build up opportunities at Hulstrom. You can submit additional funding request here