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Where Does Our Money Go?

A key piece of our PTA is tracking money raised and expenses so that we are able to provide accurate, reliable information to our school when money is needed for teachers, technology, special trips . . . the list goes on. But tracking all those dollars can be a bit confusing, so we wanted to provide our families and staff with a little bit more information about the financial issues covered throughout the year and during PTA meetings. We hope you find this little Q&A helpful:

What Is A Budget?

Every year a new PTA budget is formed and approved by PTA memerbship. Most of the numbers are based on how PTA performed during the previous year. Many changes take place throughout the year, making the budget a work in progress. If changes need to be made, a vote by the membership is required according to PTA guidelines. Sometimes a line is added or deleted.

What Is A Treasurer's Report?

This is a report that details monthly PTA expenses. Details of expenses are listed next to the category in which they occur.

To help make meetings move more smoothly and provide time for more valuable information to attendees, the delivery of the monthly Treasurer's Report will not be discussed line-by-line like in years' past. Instead, the report will be displayed on the document camera for viewing before, during, and after the PTA meetings.

Our Treasurer, Celena Martinez, will have the budget at all meetings and available for viewing. Please feel free to ask any questions at the meetings or via email ( Celena is happy to address any concerns you might have.

Please check out the  (insert jaime flyer) for simple ways to help our school with the money you spend everyday. With recent budget cuts, your contributions are even more vital. Thank you for all that you give!