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Enrollment Information


Hulstrom K-8 specializes in education with high levels of depth and complexity for advanced and gifted learners.  The curriculum is differentiated for students based on their levels of readiness as determined by a body of evidence which is continually built through formal and informal assessments and classroom observation and evidence. Students are clustered with other students showing similar levels of readiness.

  Admission Information

We will begin accepting applications for the 2020-2021 School Year starting December 1 through January 31.  If you are applying for kindergarten please submit the application as soon as possible within the December-January time frame in order to schedule kindergarten screening.  

Hulstrom does not keep or roll the wait list from year to year, so families need to apply through the choice office each year that they are interested. Choice office information.

For grades KG-8, spots will be filled by lottery if and when space becomes available. Hulstrom is open for choice to out of district applications as long as a student IQ report is provided.  Boundary Locator

Please attend one of the required parent information nights for a tour of the school and to learn more about educational opportunities for your child. Dates for 2020-2021 school year information nights are yet to be determined.  You do not have to RSVP however make sure you sign in at the time of the scheduled information meeting. 

If you are interested in applying for grades 1-8, please submit your choice application electronically and email a copy of student IQ report (cognitive testing from a qualified licensed psychologist is acceptable),  copies of most current school and or state assessment reports, (example. PARCC, CMAS and MAP reports, etc, no report cards) to

Your child must be 5 years old on or before October 1 of the school year he/she will start school. If your child misses the cut-off date but is a highly advanced student (at or above 98th percentile on nationally normed assessments as per Colorado Department of Education guidelines), you can apply for early entrance. Families interested in applying for Early Access MUST apply to the school district in which they reside. The Adams 12 Early Access process only serves families within the Adams 12 district boundaries. Families residing outside of Adams 12 boundaries should contact the school district in which they are located. To check your residence please see the Adams 12 Boundary Locator. For more information on early entrance, please go to   Early Access.

Hulstrom Kindergarten is a full-day, tuition-based program. There is a $50.00 one time registration fee and a tuition fee of $300.00 a month.  There is a $25.00 late fee for payments not paid by the first of every month. Tuition is waived for families who qualify for a free or reduced lunch. The Hulstrom K-8 kindergarten is considered advanced and highly rigorous, the expectation is on academics and the supporting behavior needed to accomplish advanced academics. We challenge our students beyond what a traditional school will, and the expectation for parental involvement reflects this.

If you choose to have outside IQ testing the scheduled kindergarten screening can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the students IQ testing results. (Out of district families are required to submit an IQ report.) If you choose NOT to have outside IQ testing plan on approximatly 2 hours for your child's kindergarten screening. This is why it is important to submit IQ report as soon as possible for scheduling purposes. IQ testing is required for out of district students and encouraged but not required for in-district students. If your child has an IQ report please submit prior to scheduled screening to, your child may lose their space if  submitted after screening. If parents are interested in obtaining an IQ test they can do so at their own expense. IQ testing can cost anywhere from $250 lower or higher depending on the actual tests being administered. Hulstrom accepts nationally known IQ assessments, there is a list of licensed psychologists on the Adams 12 web site.

All potential kindergarten students will go through a kindergarten readiness screening, if applicant qualifies the application will be sent to the lottery, if accepted the applicant will be placed in a class according to their area of strength.  Screening will be scheduled by Hulstrom K-8 after the application process begins.  Kindergarten screening consists of the ability to understand, use and apply literacy skills, quick understanding of text and large vocabulary, number sense, the ability to calculate, the ability to solve complex spatial problems, the ability to reason, processing and age appropriate interaction.

Please email the following completed forms prior to your scheduled kindergarten screening:  Parent Survey and Home Language form .  IQ testing is strongly encouraged for grades K-8 and can be submitted to Deb Hall at  If the screening determines that Hulstrom K-8 is an appropriate placement, the student will be considered for admission. Based on the screening results, students will be selected for the Gifted and Talented Program or the Advanced Academic Program (both programs are academically very rigorous and are explained in more detail below). Once the kindergarten screening is complete, students are selected by lottery and space availability through the Choice Office. Applicants for the upper grades will be screened using their school records and other pertinent information including IQ report if available. For all levels, siblings who qualify to attend Hulstrom K-8 will be given priority as space becomes available. 

For questions contact Deb Hall at or 720-972-5402

Hulstrom K-8 School is most successful for students who exhibit the following characteristics:

Motivation, Independence, Emotional and Social Maturity, Enthusiasm and Passion for Learning, Risk Taking, High Potential for Achievement and Production, Creative and Critical Thinking and Strong parental support.

When considering whether a child is an appropriate candidate for Hulstrom, parents should take into  account the rigorous pace of instruction, the high expectations, and the level of independence sometimes required:

  • Trust your own knowledge of your child.
  • Trust your own feelings and instincts about a school.
  • Remember that your child must be prepared for a world very different from the one you experienced as a young child.
  • Remember that school is not like it was when you were there.
  • Include your child in the decision-making process.
  • Seek many different opinions.
  • Be cautious about making a decision based on only one factor.


Our process for enrollment for the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) for at-risk families has changed and we have updated the information on our page on the Adams 12 website to help families with enrollment questions and about our new process.  Please visit the Preschool website at for more information.

For Spanish-speaking families only – please call 720-972-6000