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School Closures and Delayed Starts

As you know, Colorado weather can change in a matter of minutes. The coldest mornings in our district can quickly change into sunny, warm afternoons. To ensure our staff, students, and families are able to commute to school safely each morning, our district will be implementing a 2-hour delayed start option during inclement weather. Many of our neighboring districts have a similar delayed start option and our community has requested that same flexibility.

In the event of inclement weather, Adams 12 Five Star Schools uses a variety of resources to determine if conditions exist that warrant a delayed start or closure of schools. The district closely monitors ongoing weather reports and works with a private weather forecasting service that has access to street-by-street weather information. The district also reviews road conditions and recommendations from the Colorado Department of Transportation, local and state law enforcement agencies and has school bus drivers and transportation personnel on the road monitoring conditions.

If conditions pose a concern for student and staff safety, the district will make every effort to announce a decision by 5:30 a.m. to close or delay opening schools. A delayed start or closure will be communicated in several different ways, including:

District’s website

Local media outlets

Email and text message to parents

District’s hotline (720) 972-4000, then press 7

Social media (Facebook - Twitter)

Delayed Starts

Delayed Start Add 2hours
New for the 2017-2018 school year, the Five Star District may announce a delayed start if temporary adverse weather conditions exist in the morning, including but not limited to high winds, cold temperatures or unfavorable road conditions for morning rush hour. In the event of an announced delayed start, families will add two hours to the start of the school day, including adding two hours to morning bus pick-up times, morning BASE and school start times at every level. School will end at its normal time; afternoon bus drop-off times and afternoon BASE will not be adjusted.

Delayed starts maximize instructional time with students rather than closing for the entire day; and give the city and district staff additional time to clear roads, sidewalks and parking lots to ensure the safety of the Five Star community.   

Things to note during an announced delayed start:

Transportation: Morning bus pick-up will add two hours to the normal pick-up; Afternoon bus drop-off times will not be adjusted.

Kindergarten: Morning and afternoon half-day kindergarten will be canceled; Full-day kindergarten will start two hours after normal time.

Preschool: Canceled districtwide.

BASE: Families with students in morning BASE will add two hours to the normal start of the program; Afternoon BASE will not be adjusted

Nutrition: School meal(s) will be available at all schools. Meal times will be adjusted based on the delayed start schedule.

Extracurricular activities: Activities and field trips during the school day that require transportation will be canceled; After-school activities will be decided by the school.

Early Release Day (Wednesday): Delayed start protocol will not be utilized on Wednesday. School will either be closed or open.

School Closures

When schools are closed all scheduled activities in the school building are canceled and sports events and practices are postponed.

If schools are open but a parent feels, based on personal circumstances, that conditions pose a safety concern for their child getting to or from school they can call the school for an excused absence.

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