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Admission Application Process Is Closed

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All potential kindergarten students will go through a kindergarten readiness screening. Screening will be scheduled by Hulstrom K-8 after the application process begins. Kindergarten screening consists of the ability to understand, use and apply literacy skills, quick understanding of text and large vocabulary, number sense, the ability to calculate, the ability to solve complex spatial problems, the ability to reason, processing and age appropriate interaction.
Although IQ testing is strongly encouraged, it is not required.  Cognitive testing from a qualified licensed psychologist is acceptable and encouraged.
Hulstrom Kindergarten is a full-day, tuition-based program. Hulstrom K-8 offers an advanced and highly rigorous educational experience for advanced and gifted learners.  There is also a strong focus on meeting the social and emotional needs of students.  High levels of parental involvement and support is expected.  For questions, please  contact Deb Hall at 720-972-5402 or