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Family-School Relationships Survey

Family School Relationships Survey 2020

Why take the annual Family School Relationships Survey?

Video of Why take the annual Family School Relationships Survey?

Take the annual Family-School Relationships Survey to provide insight that allows us to measure year-over-year trends for your school and the district to ensure we are best serving you and your child. Evaluating how well we are doing is central to living out our strengths and goals in our new strategic plan, ELEVATE, so we encourage you to provide valuable feedback on where we are succeeding and where we can improve. 

Each year we couple the family data with our staff date for a comprehensive look at school culture, and this year, we will triangulate it with the new student survey on social-emotional well-being to gain a broader perspective on the overall school. 

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Take the Survey For Your Child's School

Take the Survey

  • The survey is open from Jan. 27 to Feb. 19, 2020 and is completely anonymous.
  • The survey is expected to take between 5-10 minutes and can be taken in English, Spanish or nine other languages on your smartphone, tablet, computer or via paper (talk with your school office for a paper copy).  
  • If you have children at different schools, we encourage you to fill out a survey for each school.
  • Survey data is benchmarked nationally and compared to the Five Star staff and student survey to create a comprehensive understanding of the school’s culture and climate. Survey results will be made available to families by the end of the school year.

Technical Help

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