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Identification Processes

If a child is gifted and talented, it is important they are identified as such.  It ensures children are seen for who they are and are provided the specialized support they require to continually grow.  To read more on why it is critical to identify children as gifted, read more here. ​ 

The state of Colorado has four potential pathways for a child to be formally identified as gifted and talented.  In order to comply with state mandates and embody best practices in the field of gifted education, Hulstrom follows these pathways.  By adhering to these guidelines, once a child is formally identified gifted and talented at Hulstrom, the identification is portable no matter where the child moves to in Colorado.  

Children in Colorado can be identified as gifted and talented in any of the following areas: general intellectual ability, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, world languages, creativity or productive thinking, dance, leadership, visual arts, performing arts (theater and speech and debate), music, or psychomotor. 

The strengths and needs of the child along with the area of identification being considered determines the pathway utilized.  To review the four pathways and the best practices around gifted identification, see here.  

Useful links:

Colorado Department of Education Gifted Identification Website

Colorado Department of Education Gifted Education Identification Guidance Handbook

National Association for Gifted Children Identification Information