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Reading Counts

GROWING READERS.....Book by Book

 The theme for 2018-2019 Reading Counts is GROWING READERS....Book by Book. 

We are not born as readers; it is a seed that is planted when we are young and cultivated as we grow and develop.  The time it takes to grow a reader depends on many factors.  The better the growing conditions they're given, the happier our readers will be and the faster they will grow.  First, the "seed" must be planted well before readers come to school; when reading is "germinated" in the home, readers grow faster, have a deeper "root system" and grow for decades to come.  Once the reader begins, it is important to  choose an appropriate "planting" location with full shelves, plenty of fresh ideas, and continuous support, to help the reader get established with deep and consistent attention for years to come.  As readers get older, annual researching and supplemental texts in time will boost their growth rate as well encourage continued reaching toward to sky.  Some readers are relarively fast growers, taking three, five or seven years to develop, while others take a little longer. It should always bee remembered that “in a forest of a hundred thousand readers, no two  are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.“  A reader is like a tree: they grow of  their own accord, putting down deep roots from their whole being.


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