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Our school library is a dedicated space within our school that serves as a valuable resource center for students and educators alike.  It is designed to foster a love for reading, encourage research, and provide access to a diverse collection of books, magazines, digital media, and other educational materials.

The library is divided into different sections to accommodate various genres and age groups.  There are cozy reading areas with comfortable seating arrangements, tables with chairs for students to work collaboratively together, and space for class read-alouds.

The heart of the school library lies in its extensive collection of books.  It includes a wide range of literature, reference materials, fiction and non-fiction books, biographies, poetry, and educational resources covering various subjects and topics.  There are also sections dedicated to different grade levels, making it easy for students to find books suitable for their age and interests.  The library also provides access to digital subscriptions such as e-books and databases providing students with onlin resources to complement their studies.

Ultimately, the goal of the library is to promote a reading culture!  Our media clerk works alongside school staff and administration to organize reading programs, book clubs, and literacy-related activities.  These events encourage students to engage with books beyond their academic requirements and foster a lifelong passion for reading.

Design a Bookmark Contest!

Battle of the Books for 4th-5th Grades

Battle of the Books for Middle School

Birthday Book Club

Caldecott Award Winners

Caldecott-Newbery Challenge 23-24

Newbery Award Winners

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