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RTI (Response to Intervention)

What is RTI?

RTI at Hulstrom is a collaborative team made up of teachers, mental health professionals, and administrators who come alongside parents to strategize and develop academic and behavioral interventions for students that may need additional support.  By working together collaboratively while considering both the perspectives of at school and at home, we use student strengths as a launching point to support student's needs.

How does RTI fit into Hulstrom’s larger system?

RTI is a part of the larger MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) system.  MTSS is a framework that helps our educators provide a wide variety of strategies for students with various needs.  Our MTSS system starts at the classroom/grade level.  When a concern for a particular student is identified, teachers begin by bringing the concern to their grade level team members.  The grade level team will develop strategies for the teacher to implement with the student for a 6-8 week period.  After the 6-8 week period, if the student has not made adequate progress, the grade level will then submit the student for RTI.

What if my child is referred to RTI?

If your child is referred for RTI, our school RTI coordinator will reach out to schedule an after school meeting for you to attend with the RTI team.  At the initial meeting, you, alongside the team, will develop a plan of support for your student to support their needs.

What should I do if I have academic or behavioral concerns about my child?

If you have concerns, you should reach out to your child's classroom teacher.