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Twice Exceptional/504/IEP Services

Twice Exceptional (2E) learners are students who are formally identified as Gifted and Talented and also have either a 504 Plan or Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 2E learners have a wide array of unique and personalized needs requiring responsive, whole child gifted educational programming.

As explained by the Colorado Department of Education Office of Gifted Education (2023), "Twice-exceptional students are difficult to identify and support because they possess the characteristics of gifted students and the characteristics of students wth disabilites.  Gifted characteristics may mask disabilities, or disabilities may mask gifted potential; either students' strengths, disabilities, or both may not be identified.  This difficulty in identifying and supporting twice-exceptional students can put them at risk of having their academic or social-emotional needs misunderstood or go unnoticed."

With this in mind, Hulstrom K-8 has both grade level and school wide Response to Intervention (RtI) teams that are highly trained and work collaboratively with specialists to identify students' needs then develop, implement, and progress monitor targeted interventions.  If deemed necessary, the team can also nominate students for a 504 Plans Eligibility Meeting or for a Special Education Eligibility Evaluation to potentially receive an IEP.  Note that nominations do not promise eligibility requirements for a 504 Pln or IEP will be met.  During eligibility meetings, educational impacts for the learner is assessed to determine what, if any, accommodations or specialized services are required.

Staff and/or parents can nominate students for eligibility meetings.  To do so, contact Dr. Urlik at

If your child already is identified as twice exceptional and your family is new to the school, please contact Dr. Urlik and

For more information on 504 plans, please visit this page.

For more information on IEPs, please visit this page.