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Student Device and Login Information

Important Student Device Information 

Student device quick checklist:

  • My device is charged
  • My device is connected to a wifi signal
  • I know my student ID number and password 
  • I can find the Student Login Portal to log in each day

Introducing Adams 12 Signal Sign-On Student Portal

With the onset of remote learning, Learning Services and IT have introduced the Student Portal. The Student Portal makes it easy for students to login and navigate to commonly used educational apps such as Schoology, SeeSaw, World Book, and others. A student can click on the tile of the application, and the Student Portal will log them in automatically for apps that allow for single sign-on.   Click here to access the Student Login step-by-step Video 

Access the “Student Portal Login” link at the bottom of the Hulstrom Webpage

NEW Student Login Information | Hulstrom 2-8 Student Login Card |  K-1 Pictograph Password Card

Adams 12 Family Tech Support website

Parent Security Resources 

Security is important information for parents to be informed about. All devices will connect to the Adams 12 district guest Wi-Fi (ad12guest). All devices connected to the district’s network are secured and filtered for content in order to keep students safe.  

Home Internet Use and Security Resources: 

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