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Visitors and Volunteers

State Statute 18-9-109 requires all visitors and volunteers enter through the front doors and check in at the main office where you will be required to have your driver's license scanned through our RAPTOR system in order to rule out any sex offenders from having contact with our students.  You will receive a "Hulstrom K-8 VISITOR" sticker badge to wear for all staff to easily view while you are in the school.  For security reasons, it is imperative that visitors/volunteers sign in and sign out at the front desk in order to maintain an accurate count of all persons in the building.

Volunteering in the Classroom - In order to volunteer in the classroom, volunteers are required to complete and return a Volunteer Application and Code of Conduct, have their driver's license scanned through our RAPTOR system, and attend a PTA training/tour session (this is only required once during a family's time here at Hulstrom) prior to volunteering in the classroom.  When all of these items have been fulfilled, your application will be submitted to Principal Urlik for final approval.  You will then contact your student’s teacher directly in order to arrange classroom volunteer time.

Having Lunch with your Student - If you or other members of your family would like to join your student for lunch, you will enter through the front doors and check in at the main office.  If you have not already had your driver's license scanned, it will be scanned at this time.  At the end of lunch, you will be required to say goodbye to your student - you will not be allowed to escort them back to the classroom for safety reasons.

Meeting with your Child's Teacher - If you wish to visit the classroom or speak with a teacher, you will need to make an appointment with the teacher - this includes before and after school.  Teachers have a very limited time to plan and prepare for instruction and dropping in can be disruptive.